Israel’s FoodTalk: Foods that Make Me Cry

“My grandmother is no longer with me, but that soup will always be with me, and that’s what it is for me with food.  It’s this connection, this connection that it gives us… Continue reading

Making Bread & Embracing Gluten

  I love making bread. I savor the sensory experience of the whole process: transforming a mass of dough into a smooth pliable ball by kneading it with my hands and then watching… Continue reading

“Réflexions d’un Hédoniste Râleur: the rantings of a very hungry Frenchman” by Israel Buffardi

Clip from Providence, RI show 2:30-4 min of the video above As the title suggests, come revel in the rantings of a very hungry, often humorous, occasionally musical Frenchman who explores and shares… Continue reading

Wedding Feasts, Maple Whiskey and Broken-Leg Brew!

We were so grateful to be surrounded by twenty of our closest friends and family for our October wedding at a rustic farmhouse we rented for the weekend on the coast of Addison,… Continue reading

Israel is featured on Community Kitchens- October 2013!

To watch, click on the screenshot above or copy and paste:

Back on Our Feet and Excited for Fall!

We took a brief hiatus this summer while Abigail was recuperating from a broken leg and Israel was playing nurse and single parent to our furry, four-legged children, but we are back up… Continue reading

Sourdough, and Cultured Butter, and Belgian Ale, Oh My! (and a jealous kitty, too)

Here’s a preview of some of our recent fermentation projects:  raw milk yoghurt, cultured butter, sourdough bread and pizza, and a belgian ale.  More details to come soon!

Our new herb garden is loving this rain!

Our new yard isn’t much, but we’re still having fun with container gardening this year!  We planted basil, tarragon, peppermint, thyme, parsley, oregano, cilantro, and some arugula, too!

You Don’t Need to be an Expert!

Hello All, Sorry for the delay!  We have been hibernating during the last final months of winter up here in Maine- March and April are funny that way, aren’t they? Most of our… Continue reading

Tons of Citrus Peels? Follow the link Below for Some Great Ideas!

20 Uses For Leftover Fruit And Vegetable Peels

Learn Local, Cook Global

Israel’s post from the Better World by Design conference (Oct 2011): Rethinking our Relationship with Food, Reclaiming our Food Systems, & Exploring the Pleasures of Cooking for Ourselves Food is More than Fuel.… Continue reading

Provençal Tomato & Goat Cheese Pizza

Last throwback from Israel’s 2011 RI recipes, promise! Pizza is one of my household staples, especially this summer when I had a surplus of fresh heirloom tomatoes and basil from my garden. I… Continue reading


Another great one from our Providence kitchen! I am an Italian American, and yes, I love the sight of fake marble columns and dimly lit red sauce joints with wax covered Chianti bottles.… Continue reading

GERD Sounds pretty unappealing, but it’s not so bad

Another one from Israel’s blog in Providence (originally written October 2011): As someone who believes in a holistic approach to eating, my ideal world is a place where everyone eats lots of beautiful… Continue reading

Farmer’s Market Potato Salad

Here is a recipe Israel wrote for a farmer’s blog while we were living in Providence, Rhode Island (September, 2011).  We thought you might enjoy! When I came home from the Lippitt Park farmer’s… Continue reading


Hi Friends! On the two year anniversary of our first date, we have finally started our food & wellness blog, Tre Piccioni! We are both passionate and interested in learning more about ways… Continue reading